How Professionals Repair Drywall

Drywall repair is something that does not take too much effort and can be done by homeowners themselves. However, If you’re willing to hire a professional, you must be wondering, how does a drywall repair near me kansas city, mo do it?

The procedure of repairing drywall is simple, but the precision and speed put into the job by a professional are unmatched. A professional handyman service requires extensive manual work. Find out how the repairing process goes.

Patching holes smaller than a nickel

A joint compound or a spackle is used to repair small holes. Extra application of spackle is required since it dried over time, while a pre-mixed joint compound is ideal for the job. The following steps are followed to repair small holes.

●    Loose drywall debris is cleaned.

●    If the hole is larger than a dime, a carpenter’s knife is used to put a beveled edge around the hole’s circumference.

●    Any remaining dust is cleaned with a wet rag.

●    The spackle of the joint compound is smeared with a putty knife to fill the hole and make it match with the wall.

●    The filler is allowed to air-dry.

●    Sandpaper is used to sand the dried filler before applying a second coat.

●    A layer of primer or paint is put over the hole.

Patching medium or large-sized holes

A joint compound or a drywall patch is ideal for larger sized holes. The given procedure is followed.

●    The area where the patch will contact the wall is sanded and cleaned.

●    The adhesive side of the patch is applied to the wall.

●    The compound is put with a putty knife in a crisscross pattern.

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●    The compound is allowed to dry before putting another coat.

●    The edges are feathered to blend into the wall.

●    A layer of paint or primer is applied.


Drywall repair is a straightforward job. You can do a DIY repair for smaller holes, but calling a professional for larger holes is advisable.