All You Need To Know About Commercial Cleaning Contracts

All of us need commercial cleaning services at one point or the other. When you’re looking for commercial cleaning near Saint Paul, MN, you need to decide many things before signing a contract. You will be unaware of the commercial cleaning contract for those of you who have never hired a professional cleaner.

The commercial cleaning contract consists of all your requirements and the price that you’ve negotiated for the service. The contract states the terms and conditions, limitations, and inclusions of the cleaning service. Let’s get to know further about commercial cleaning contracts.

What Do Commercial Cleaning Contract State?

The commercial contract will state all the requirements and services opted by you. It also mentions the price quotation for the work. You can expect the pricing to be set according to the per square footage.

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Many companies will offer you discounts when the total square footage is high. The commercial cleaning company may also offer a fixed rate. The rate for each establishment is generally the same. 

Cleaning Contract For Medical Establishments

The medical facility will have a different commercial contract than other premise cleaning contracts. Your medical, commercial cleaning contracts should provide you specialized cleaning. We have listed the services for you below.

·    Intense and excellent restroom sanitizing

·    Separate mopping and cleaning materials for different areas

·    Medical grade sanitizers and disinfectants

·    Color-code methods to avoid cross-contamination

·    Use of nano-fiber technology to wipe out microbes and allergens

·    HEPA vacuum cleaner for efficient filtration

·    High standards of hygiene

·    No-dripping mopping method to avoid cross-contamination

·    No-touch methods of working to prevent contaminants

Final Thoughts

Now,  you’ll have a fair idea about what the commercial cleaning contract should look like. A commercial cleaning contract is valid for at least one year.  After one year, if you are satisfied with the work, then you may extend the contract by another year.  Don’t forget to read the commercial cleaning contract properly before signing it.